EP. 5 – Michael Inzlicht

On this episode we talk to University of Toronto Professor of Psychology Michael Inzlicht about the struggle for self control, as well as touching on some of the issues within science and research. He is also a podcast host, check out Two Psychologists Four Beers at https://fourbeers.fireside.fm/


EP. 4 – Alexa Tullett

I had such a great conversation with Alexa Tullett, Assistant Professor of Psychology at The University of Alabama. We talked about how important it is to be open minded and how we need to be more accepting of other peoples views. We also talk about how hard that can be with some of our natural bias and with the way we interact with technology today.


EP. 3 – Colleen Cassidy St. Clair

A great conversation with Professor Colleen Cassidy St. Clair about our ever changing relationship with wildlife. She is currently working with a multi-national project to examine wildlife in urban areas and find way to make sure our coexistance is as safe and happy for both sides. Listen and learn more about it. Also, the definative answer on wether or not sasksquatch exist. sorta.

There we some slight audio issues about 3min in, but it all smooths out after about 15min. Sorry about that.


Ep. 1 -Matthew Sears

 Hello Wanderers, On this Episode I speak with Matthew Sears of the University of New Brunswick about Greek history, philosophy and democracy. We talk about how taking a deeper, more well rounded look at the past can help us approach the future. Enjoy.